Organizational History

SPOTLIGHT was formed in 2015 as a 501c3 non-profit performance art organization. This is our first time applying for financial support via a grant. During the spring and summer months of 2015, SPOTLIGHT organized the South Asian Theater Festival and hosted a series of theatrical performances and panel discussions on August 29, 2015 at the McConnell Arts Center located at 777 Evening Street, Worthington, OH 43085. Celebrating Womanhood was the theme of our inaugural festival. The evening's bill featured two works, one entitled Sitaraha: The Stars, written by émigré Monirah Hashemi depicting three Afghan women as their lives and actions were held as a kind of hostage in the game for power in Afghanistan. The other work, Basbhumi: The Hearthstone, told the story of Haimanti's return, a woman banished from her home because she was raped by her uncle. The play examined the plight of women in a man's world, of men in a world dominated by those who, out of sheer habit and accidentally gained power call themselves "Men." Following the performances, a panel discussion entitled, "Theater as a Voice of Repressed Women," included Monirah Hashemi, playwright and actor Sitarah: The Stars, Leif Persson, director Sitarah: The Stars, Elizabeth Wellman PhD and lecturer from The Ohio State University's Theater Department, Jessie Glover, faculty at Otterbein University, Dipan Ray, founding member of Epic Actor Workshop and South Asian Theater Festival, moderated by Prabir Das, founding member of All Shades Theater, Cincinnati, OH. For the 2016 South Asian Theater Festival, to be held on August 20, 2016, three works will be presented, concluded by a panel discussion, additionally a month-long workshop will be provided for the local actors leading up to the performances of these works.