After the Grand Success of Last Year it’s Time again for another Gala Show

SPOTLIGHT Ohio Presents

Two Plays and One Musical on Social Justice followed by a Panel Discussion

Date & Time : Sunday, 21th August 2016, 2 PM
Venue: McConnell Arts Center, 777 Evening St, Worthington, OH 43085

Tickets : $20
(Online Payment is Coming Soon)

Call : Prabir: (614)734-1961 / Arijit: (503) 913-0539
Website : http://www.spotlightohio.com/satf_2016.html
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SpotLightColumbusOH
Email : SATFColumbus2015@gmail.com
Twitter : SpotLightOH

Summary of 2016 Programs

Our goal is to bring together the gems of South Asian Theatre that are scattered all over the state of Ohio by organizing a centrally located, annual theater festival and workshop. SPOTLIGHT will work in association with Epic Actors' Workshop, New Jersey. Epic Actors' Workshop organizes a theater festival and workshop that has successfully engaged New Jerseyans in South Asian Theater for 10 years, and whose community work inspired us to bring these kinds of opportunities to the Midwest region. Our 2016 festival will showcase Columbus-based South Asian actors in three theatrical works written in different languages. Through the display of theatrical artistic excellence, we will try to connect the diverse cultural entities by breaking through geographical and cultural boundaries while also celebrating the differences. The festival's bill will include two plays in Indian native language, and an original musical. All of these productions would be conceived, written, choreographed, performed and produced entirely by local South Asian artists. This year's program will include an initial month-long actors workshop, given by renown Indian playwright Meghnad Bhattacharya, provided to the local actors and production personnel performing in the festival and all workshop meetings will be open for the public to watch. Following the evening's performances a panel discussion featuring theater experts from local colleges, universities, and professional theater groups will engage the audiences in a dialogue with the works they have just witnessed.

1) মেঘনাদ ভট্টাচার্য্য পরিচালিত "অ আ ক খ"
Aw Aaa Ka Kha :
The Enlightenment
[A Bengali Play with English Supertitles]
Playwright: Indrasish Lahiri
Director: Meghnad Bhattacharya, Kolkata, India
Performed by : Spotlight OH

2) The Masrayana
[An English Play ]
Playwright: William Kovascik
Director: Mahesh Dattani, Mumbai, India
Performed by : Indian Cultural Society, NJ

3) Women Of Virtue
[An English Musical – A Collaboration of Visual and Performing Artists]
Concept: Shonel Sen
Director : Kaustavi Sarkar, Columbus, OH

4) Panel Discussion :
Subject : Theater for Social Justice
Mahesh Dattani : Director of the play “The Masrayana”
Dipan Ray : Founding Member, Epic Actor Workshop and South Asian Theater Festival
Liz Wheeler : Award-Winning AEA Actor and Choreographer, Drama Instructor at Columbus School of Girls
Joe Bishara : Associate Producing Director, CATCO
Kaustavi Sarkar : Director of “Women of Virtue”
Moderator : Joe Bishara

Festival Schedule :
2.00 PM Inauguration
2.30 PM Aw Aaa Kaw Khaw : The Enlightenment
4.00 PM Break
4.30 PM The Masrayana
6.30 PM Break
7.00 PM Women of Virtue
7.45 PM Panel Discussion
8.45 PM Wrap up

SATF 2016

Casting Flyer


Meghnad Bhattacharyya

Bengali theatre director and actor

Meghnad Bhattacharya is not only one of founder members but also a friend, philosopher and guide of Sayak, the theater group,that through its journey of 35 years, became a household name in the world of native Indian (Bengali) theater in India. Meghnad's directorial prowess and acting skills in last two decades includes full length productions and six short plays have taken him to the pinnacle of progress by adding to the traditional gracefulness of Indian theater. A spontaneous interpreter of modern playwrights, especially renowned play writers in India, he is also an accomplished translator and adaptor of classical playwrights, Tolstoy, Brecht, Shcedrin and Somerset Maugham. His unflinching devotion and tireless endeavors have taken him to a celebrated status of having full houses for more than 2 decades in India, as well as abroad in USA, Canada, Bangladesh, and Kuwait. Besides acting in Theater productions, Meghnad also acted under the direction of famous film directors in India in their productions of plays by Shakespeare and several others. Apart from that Meghnad has directed several TV plays and acted in many TV serials and films.

Mahesh Dattani

Indian director, actor, playwright and writer

Mahesh Dattani is an Indian director, actor, playwright and writer. He wrote such plays as Final Solutions, Dance Like a Man, Bravely Fought the Queen, On a Muggy Night in Mumbai, Tara, Thirty Days in September and 'The murder that never was', starring Dheiraj Kapoor. He is the first playwright in English to be awarded the Sahitya Akademi award. His plays have been directed by eminent directors like Arvind Gaur, Alyque Padamsee and Lillete Dubey. In 1986, he wrote his first full-length play, Where There’s a Will, and since 1995, he has been working as a full-time theatre professional. Dattani is also a film director. His debut film is Mango Souffle, adapted from one of his plays. He also wrote and directed the movie Morning Raaga.